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Updated: May 28, 2019

What to wear to a fancy restaurant? Just like the fresh flowers, sophisticated artwork, and gleaming candlelight that are associated with a posh restaurant, so does your dress code.

Fancy restaurants, particularly the high-end ones, sometimes enforce their own dress code. This is because they do not want guests to wear just about anything. However, today some five star restaurants have a more relaxed dress code policy compared to previous years.

Anyhow, the bottom line is, what you choose to wear to a fancy restaurant should befit the experience.

What Should Men Wear to a Fancy Restaurant ?

Most restaurants will insist that men wear a collared shirt, blazer or sport coat, dressy shoes, and formal slacks. So it’s quite clear – no jeans or T-shirts!

Men may wonder what is wrong with wearing black jeans to a chic restaurant. The fact is, they are still jeans and restaurants that are strict about their dress code may turn you away for breaking the rule.

Why no T-shirts? For casual wear, a T-shirt is acceptable but they are not appropriate to wear to an elegant restaurant because they look too casual.

Wearing jackets is a common five-star restaurant dress code for men. However, a blazer or sport coat with a collared shirt is quite acceptable. You can also opt for smart long sleeve shirt and a nice pair of trousers. Neckties are usually optional so if you really hate ties you do not have to wear one. However, if you are having a business luncheon at a fancy restaurant wear your necktie.

Wear a nice pair of closed shoes. Black, brown or tan leather shoes are great choices. Remember, no sneakers!

A stylish pair of eyeglass may come in handy too.

What Should Women Wear to a Fancy Restaurant ?

Without a doubt, women love to dress elegantly when the opportunity presents itself. So, what should women wear to a fancy restaurant?

Just like men, women should never wear jeans or sneakers to a fancy restaurant. Wear a cocktail dress and heels to any chic restaurant and watch heads turn. In addition, add a clutch purse, and a touch of jewelry to show that you appreciate fine dining and that it is a special occasion.

Ladies can also opt to wear a skirt to a posh restaurant. Choose the dressiest one from your collection and pair it with a nice complimenting silk top, a comfortable pair of shoes, and of course, your accessories - jewellery and purse.

You can opt to wear a luxurious scarf too!

Let’s Wrap Up

While many people enjoy and appreciate a formal dining experience some restaurant require that patrons stick to their dress code. There’s nothing wrong with having a dress code because this will insure that only nicely mannered people are in the restaurant. Furthermore, most restaurants want their customers to enjoy a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.

Finally, just wear something that makes you feel comfortable and gorgeous to any five-star restaurant.

We want to hear from you. What did you wear to a fancy restaurant?

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