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Updated: May 28, 2019

Getting a dinner invitation to a fancy restaurant is an event that you most certainly would not want to miss. However, not knowing how to behave at a chic restaurant will cause embarrassment to you and your guests.

There are specific rules to follow when dining at a fancy restaurant. Some of these rules dictate what to wear, when to sit, how to speak, or how to get the server's attention.

Before you accept an invitation to a high-end dining spot here are a few things you should remember to ensure your evening of fancy dining goes off without any hiccups.

· Know the dress code

First things first. According to the international etiquette consultant, Julian Boyd, you should never wear jeans to a fancy restaurant. If you are not sure what to wear, find out the dress code from your host. Most likely, dining at a fancy restaurant requires formal attire.

· Wait to be seated

If you arrive before everyone, do not sit first. It is best to wait for the host to assign you your seat. If you are the host, you should provide guidance and make sure that your guests feel comfortable.

· Do not rush the servers

In a fine dining restaurant, meals are served in a timely manner. Do not rush the servers. Moreover, ordering a different course from that of your dinner companions is rude.

· Wait to be served

You may like to do things yourself. However, in an elegant dining setting, a self-serving approach is not appropriate. Moreover, in a fancy restaurant, your server will do the work for you. So, wait on your server, sit back, and enjoy yourself.

· Order something outside your comfort zone

Of course, it might be tempting to order your favorite food. Nevertheless, order something outside your comfort zone. This should be your aim at a chic restaurant and it is an opportunity for you to taste something new.

· Keep your volume low

This does not mean you will have to whisper as if you are in a church. Just speak at a respected volume so as not to intrude on others. Imagine someone is talking very loud near you. It would be very annoying, right ?

· Do not yell at the server

If you are not choking, do not yell at the server! Raise your index finger, but do not wave or snap. You can also make eye contact to signal that you need something. It is even better if you allow the host to contact the waiter.

· Do not clutter the dinner table

Meals at a fancy restaurant consists of multiple courses. This means that the table will have many utensils. Do not add to the clutter. Keep your personal belongings off the table – yes, even your cell phone! Put away your purses, and keys. You will have time later on to check your Whatsapp messages.

· Eating faster than your dinner guests

Have you ever seen someone just gobbling down his or her meal? – Gosh! If you cannot eat slowly, at least try to eat your meal at the same pace as your dinner guests. Remember that you are in a posh restaurant and you do not want to appear greedy. If you happen to finish eating before everyone, place your silverware in the resting position. This way it will appear as if you are still eating. Remember this rule when you are the host.

· Taking pictures of your meal

We all know, nowadays we love to take pictures of what we eat and share on social media. Unfortunately, Some fancy restaurants prohibit the use of cell phones in the dining room. However, if you wish to take a picture of the meal you can, but do it discreetly. In addition, do not keep your guests waiting; take the pictures quickly.

Let’s wrap up

Although good table manners are very important, having dinner in a fancy restaurant goes beyond having good table manners. Knowing how to behave appropriately will create a joyful atmosphere for you and everyone.

Still, remember to:

· Wipe your fingers and mouth

· Sit up straight

· Keep your elbows off the table

Share your thoughts with us. Have you ever been to a fancy restaurant ?

Have you done something wrong that you still remember ?

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