El Cenador


El Cenador is the chic Iberian, award winning stylish restaurant of Casablanca. 

It is very popular for business meals and romantic dinners. The place is located very close to the lighthouse, on la corniche, with a breathtaking view of the Hassan II mosque in Casablanca.

The menu offers a selection of seafood, Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine, with exceptional views of the Hassan II mosque.

You can enjoy Mediterranean gourmet cuisine, a large selection of fish and seafood cooked in Andalusian fashion, and some paella that has become well-known for its delicious taste.

It is a timeless gastronomic address rewarded with ‘’Trois Fourchettes d'Or‘’ for several years.

Good to Know

It is definitely recommenced to try their fish. You can ask waiter's opinion about the fish and they will give you the best option that they have.

Paella is also well-known for its delicious taste. 

Do not forget to make a reservation if you would like to catch a breathtaking view of the Hassan II mosque and the ocean.

Opening Hours :

Open 7/7 - 12:00 - 15:30 

Open 7/7 - 20:00 - 00:30

Locatıon and Contact

Address : Complexe au Petit Rocher | La Corniche, Casablanca 20160, Morocco
Phone Number : +212 (0) 522 36 36 03

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